The tools available in this toolkit are grouped into the elements of the enterprising communities framework. This is our way of describing how we would recognise a sustainable local economy.

The toolkit is action-focused, addressing these questions:

  • What are the opportunities for enterprise development of both new and existing businesses - what do we want to do?
  • How could goods and services be delivered differently - to keep money circulating locally, and reduce waste?
  • How can we mobilise resources to do what we want to do?
  • Will these actions result in positive local economic, social and environmental outcomes?

Where to start

* Please note that some of the tools have been translated and/or adapted by other
organisations. If you translate any of the tools please send them to nef so that we can
post them on the website. All resources on this website are free to download and use, unless otherwise stated. We do ask however that the original source is acknowledged.

1. Responsible Enterprise & Business Sector
Supporting development of a diverse and vibrant range of responsible businesses and enterprise responding to market demands.

2. Positive Money & Resource Flows
Developing positive local economic money in communities and effective use of resources.

3. Assets Base & Enabling Environment
Supporting the development of a strong local economic asset base and supportive institutional environment.

4. Public & Business Sector Responsiveness
Public and businesses bodies working to strengthen and invest in local economy.

5. Community, Civil Voice & Capacity
Encouraging strong leadership, activism, participation, cohesion and capability of individuals and voluntary sector.

6. Environmental Sustainability
Supporting positive social and economic change with ecological responsibility.

7. Interdependence
Supporting Increased understanding of economic, cultural and ecological interconnections that link communities, span the globe and impact on the future.

8. Facilitation
Methods and approaches to support effective facilitation of events and meetings, opening up the space for awareness and action identification.

9. Coaching (Password Protected)
Methods and approaches to support action.

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