2. Positive Local Money and Resource Flows


A process that allows organisations to measure their impact on the local economy by measuring how and where they spend their money and how those with whom they spend their money, in turn, spend theirs. This allows the multiplier to be calculated and can lead to developing an action plan to improve the local impact of any spend.

The process explained

  The Money Trail (PDF 1857kb)
  The Money Trail - Czech (PDF 1857kb)
A step-by-step guide of the process to calculate an LM3.

  LM3 Overview (DOC 114kb)
  LM3 Overview - Portuguese (DOC 114kb)
  LM3 Overview - Hebrew (PPT 4110kb)
A summary of how to calculate an LM3 score.

  LM3 Presentation (PPT 3751kb)
  LM3 Presentation - Portuguese (PPT 3090kb)
A summary explanation of the multiplier concept.

  Public Spending for Public Benefit Overview - Hebrew (PPT 4110kb)

Collecting Data

  Averaging Surveys (XLS 24kb)

  Converting Surveys (XLS 24kb)

  Surveys (XLS 151kb)

  Flowcharts (DOC 82kb)

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