4. Public & Business Sector Responsiveness

Involving more people

  How to Engage with Sectors (DOC 430kb)
An engagement strategy is vital to ensure that you gain the support and active involvement of key organisations. The approach outlined here focuses on understanding why any organisation might become interested in your project. If this is understood then communications and lobbying for support can be more focused and is more likely to be successful.

  Elevator Pitch (DOC 117kb)
Brief (around 30 seconds) description of an enterprise which is used to capture the interest of the person you are addressing so that they want to know more about it.

  Ladder of Inference (DOC 109kb)
The ladder of inference describes a series of steps which show the thinking process people go through as they selectively pick up signals (or data) from situations they find themselves in, read things into or draw conclusions from those signals and then behave as a result. An understanding of the ladder of inference helps surface these mindset assumptions and increases awareness of them.

Responsible businesses

The tools in this section have been used to support entrepreneurs to make decisions about their business.

  Balanced Scorecard for a Triple Bottom Line (DOC 149kb)
  Balanced Scorecard for a Triple Bottom Line - Portuguese(DOC 140kb)
A practical planning format for establishing local economic, social and environmental targets for a business, in additional to financial targets. This can be used as part of a business planning process and as a key insert into a business plan for enterprises.

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