7. Interdependence

Supporting increased understanding of economic, cultural and ecological interconnections that link communities, span the globe and impact on the future.

  Plumbing the leaks game (DOC 75kb)
A game to demonstrate how money flows out of the local economy and how communities can help one another through direct trading links and how interdependent communities can lead a more secure life.

  • Democs
    This is a discussion tool that allows groups of 6-8 people to come to terms with and form an opinion on policy-related issues.

  Identifying and Mapping Key People and Networks (DOC 141kb)
  Identifying and Mapping Key People and Networks - Portuguese (DOC 126kb)
A tool that allows an individual or a group to identify their networks by drawing them and then develop them by comparing their own to others. Can be used to help people think about outreach, temporary teams, marketing, getting involved or sharing skills.

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