Plugging the leaks is a way of working, the tools themselves do not support change, it is how they are applied within a set of values and principles which will support a move towards more sustainable local economies. The tools we have developed support awareness and actions towards the outcomes described in the enterprising communities framework.

These tools do not guarantee sustainability, nor should the enterprising communities framework be considered a blue-print for change. However we believe these tools can effectively open up conversations within communities about what they want their local economy to deliver in terms of positive local economic, social and environmental outcomes. And importantly identify what actions the community are prepared to take, with others, to achieve those outcomes, and support a journey towards a more sustainable future.

Some of the materials developed during piloting this approach, and economic literacy tools are free to download. As new resources are developed they will be added to these pages:

More publications on related topics can be found at the new economics foundation website

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