8. Facilitation

Methods and approaches to support effective facilitation of events and meetings, opening up the space for awareness and action identification.

  • Facilitation Workshop

  • The purpose of the workshop is to discuss and provide a learning environment to explore the subject and theory of facilitation.

  Access Issues (DOC 126kb)
This checklist is aimed at ensuring you have considered easy access to a venue for everyone - which is essential for a successful community event.

  Effective Meeting Guidelines (DOC 125kb)
A set of simple rules to make meetings more effective.

  Ice Breakers (DOC 141kb)
The purpose of these tools is to help people get acquainted with each other and to warm up their thinking. They are best used at the beginning of a meeting or the brain warmers can be used to break up a lengthy session or get people back in the mood after lunch.

  Energy Meter (DOC 111kb)
This tool is to gauge energy levels in a group for a particular project or a course of action.

  Energy Olympics (DOC 116kb)
This exercise gets people to characterise their energy and working style (in terms of their abilities and attitudes/state of mind) by trying to identify with different types of Olympic athletes. It provokes discussion and thinking about energy levels.

  Getting Others to Achieve (DOC 136kb)
This is a set of simple coaching guidelines to help you avoid the temptation of taking the lead and the responsibility for achieving results away from your clients.

  Ladder of Inference (DOC 108kb)
The ladder of inference describes a series of steps which show the thinking process people go through as they selectively pick up signals (or data) from situations they find themselves in, read things into or draw conclusions from those signals and then behave as a result. An understanding of the ladder of inference helps surface these mindset assumptions and increases awareness of them.

  Magazines Tool (DOC 164kb)
This is an idea generation tool using lateral thinking techniques to make new connections which can lead to new opportunities for people working in projects or enterprises. It uses a varied supply of magazines to stimulate interest, imagination and new thinking.

  Triggers and Drivers for encouraging enterprise (DOC 172kb)
This is a list of both tried and tested and new approaches to activating the triggers and drivers which can encourage people to become more enterprising. The list can be used as a reference set to find suitable 'how to' ideas which suit particular local circumstances. It can also however stimulate the development of new approaches.

Reviewing tools

  Energy Rating (DOC 108kb)
This tool helps to identify energy levels in the group and where there are genuine differences it helps to make an honest assessment of why this is. It can help the group thinking about energy and how it waxes and wanes.

  Jelly Baby Review (DOC 3677kb)
You can use the Jelly Baby tool to review how people feel at the start of a meeting, at the end of a meeting, during a meeting, at any stage of a project or to get people to tell you how they feel at a 1:1 session.

  Meeting Evaluations (DOC 154kb)
This tool presents several methods for running meeting evaluation to enable us to learn from our experiences, to build on what's working well, and improve on behaviours and outputs in the future.

  Project Reflection Workshop (PDF 936kb)
A workshop based tool that allows groups of mixed stakeholders to reflect back over a project using a timeline and taking account of highs and lows over the period of the project. Discussion on the differences they come up with leads to learning and noticing impacts. The tool finishes by looking forward and planning for the future.

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