5. Community & Civil Voice & Capacity

  • Democs

  • This is a discussion tool that allows groups of 6-8 people to come to terms with and form an opinion on policy-related issues.
  • Local Alchemy Game

  • A board game that allows groups of up to 12 players to explore what the triple bottom line means , the 4 As (DOC 214kb) and some other basic economic concepts from Local Alchemy. Takes between 40 minutes and an hour to play. Suitable for ages 12 and above.

  Critical Thinking for Sustainable Community Decisions (DOC 146kb)
This is a community leadership tool which supports informed decision making. It can be used to identify the best of several alternative actions. It can also be used to decide for or against a proposed action or to generate creative changes to a proposed action that make it more compatible with the community, its economy, and the environment.

  Elevator Pitch (DOC 117kb)
Brief (around 30 seconds) description of an enterprise which is used to capture the interest of the person you are addressing so that they want to know more about it.

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