3. Assets Base & Enabling Environment

Supporting the development of a strong local economic asset base and supportive institutional environment.

  • Local Alchemy Game
  • A board game that allows groups of up to 12 players to explore what the triple bottom line means , the 4 As (DOC 214kb)and some other basic economic concepts from Local Alchemy. Takes between 40 minutes and an hour to play. Suitable for ages 12 and above.

  • Exploring Opportunities Workshop
  • The purpose of this workshop is to provide people with a basic understanding and awareness of how ideas can be generated, and to allow people to work on their own projects or on sample projects to learn how to apply lateral thinking techniques.

  • Assets Base & Enabling Environment Tools
  • Visual and verbal tools which can be used to identify assets in a local area including physical, financial, environmental; skills, and knowledge.

  • Enterprising Behaviour Mindset Workshop
  • The Mindset Workshop can be used with a diverse group or team of people from different sectors to help them understand each other's perspectives. It can also be used with people from a particular sector to provide insight into their shared assumptions and mindsets.

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