Plugging the leaks

making the most of every pound that enters your local economy

nef - economics as if people and the planet mattered
This is a nef programme supported by emda

Local Alchemy results in

  • Harnessing the dreams, passions and potential of people to create their own businesses and enterprises.
  • People understanding economics in a practical, down-to-earth way that informs the decisions they make.
  • A community educated about the importance of local wealth creation and dedicated to supporting its local entrepreneurs.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of local services and the impact of businesses so the local economy can thrive.
  • A better networked and connected community with private, public and community sectors working together.
  • Increased confidence and sense of self-reliance among the community as a whole. A move from dependence on external solutions to generating community action and fostering local visions.
  • Developing a 'can-do' attitude in the area.

How it works

Local Alchemy supports individuals and groups to re-invent their local economy by providing:

  • A framework of what an enterprising community (DOC) would look like.
  • A set of tools and approaches that help people to vision, map, plan and implement a new local economy.
  • A coach, who gives practical support to the community.
  • Guidance on how to access funding.

The Local Alchemy national team supports change across regeneration institutions. Particularly supporting them to more effectively use their staff and financial resources for regeneration impact by:

  • Opening up local employment and business opportunities by increasing spending and re-spending in the local economy of inward investment projects.
  • Supporting the public sector to re-focuse their commissioning and procurement processes to improve their local economic, social and environmental impact.
  • Supporting regeneration practitioners to adopt more effective ways of working within communities through access to a suite of practitioner workshops focused on coach training, networks and the economic literacy toolkit.

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