South Africa

Ncera Village 3, Eastern Cape

Ncera Village 3 is one of 9 Xhosa villages in the Eastern Cape. These particular communities were established in the mid-sixties, but little infrastructure was put into place when they moved there. There are high levels of unemployment in the area. Community members have faced the increasing impact of HIV/AIDS, and in particular, a large number of children who have lost one or both parents. They started to organise around this issue to seek ways to be able to care for the children of the community. They established the Njonzethu centre to care for the children in the community.

In order to try and meet the growing cost of this action, they were interested in developing economic activity and increasing money flows into the area. They linked up with a local group in Kidds Beach called the Philisa project.

Through this link, they have run several workshops in the community. One of these focused on identifying the assets in the area. While there are high levels of unemployment, high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, it is also true to say that there are many assets in the area including land, water and many skills and local knowledge. They realised that there is a great deal of untapped potential in the area.

Through a Plugging the Leaks workshop they also identified opportunities for developing enterprising ideas for community residents.

Several of the community members also participated in a workshop on using a coaching approach to develop these ideas. They are now in the process of developing the ideas that emerged from the workshops including a hair cutting business, a farm, a bakery, a sewing business and exploring renewable energy.

Ncera Village 3      Ncera Village 3

                                    Ncera Village 3

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