International Action

nef has established partnerships in various countries with organisations which are seeking to take a different approach to local economic development.

They are working in different and creative ways with:

  • Individuals and groups in communities to take action to unleash the unrecognised assets (skills, knowledge, networks, physical assets and passionate people who have ideas and are willing to take action) and to develop enterprising responses to reinvent their local economy so that it delivers increased well-being in a way that is environmentally sustainable.
  • Institutions and agencies challenging them to strengthen local economies by recognising that areas experiencing economic disadvantage contain many assets - especially people with good ideas that are willing to take action. The aim is that they become more responsive and focused on removing the barriers facing these enterprising people and entrepreneurs and to further support them through their procurement budgets.
  • Policy makers to rethink development policy, and to put enterprise in its broadest sense, at the heart of development.

The challenges and lessons that are emerging in each of these programmes are being shared amongst these organisations through a practitioners' learning network.

Please read more about these organisations by clicking on the different locations on the map.

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